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10 Do’s and Dont’s while supporting a loved one in anxiety

10 do's and dont's while supporting a loved one in anxiety

In the earlier post, we mentioned that it’s important to talk with friends and family about anxiety. It helps in reducing the stress. By doing this you can calm yourself.¬†Support from family and friends is important to the recovery process, but it is not the cure. Getting better takes hard work, mostly from the person with the disorder, and patience from everyone involved.

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Are you anxious? Tips to reduce anxiety

We all are anxious or worried about somethings in our life. It can be money, job, relationships, our health, future, security, studies etc. Sometimes we are able to control this anxiety easily. But there are times when the pressure inside us keeps on growing and it really messes up our minds. Sometimes we blame ourselves for this and frustrate ourselves. In anxiety disorder a person starts to fear from a problem or a thing which is not present at that time. This fear makes a person believe that he/she needs to protect themselves.  This often leads a person to get trapped into other unusual problems.


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