50 Amazing and good things that happened in 2016

50 good and happy things that happened in 2016

One more year gone and we all have moved on in our lives. For some 2016 was an awesome year, whereas some of us faced unfavorable events. But does one event or one undesired moment can make a whole year bad?

Well for me its not. Every year we learn something new about ourselves which we never noticed earlier. Each year brings a lot of happy moments along with some sad tweaks. But isn’t it possible, that we carry the good things with us and leave the sad memories behind? One of my friends told me that we can create happier memories by killing away the painful ones. After all happiness is a choice which lies inside us. I can be happy with or without any reason. As in the move Troll, Poppy says: the real happiness comes from inside. External happiness is temporary whereas internal happiness is eternal. Continue Reading

20 successful people who defeated failure in life


Dwayne Johnson (Actor/Wrestler)

The Rock was initially a football player, playing for the University of Miami. Later on, he played for the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League, and was cut two months into the 1995 season. The guys at the CFL simply told him he wasn’t good enough, he got kicked out. At that point of time, he was considered as an utter failure. He had to sleep in mattresses soaked with piss. 24 years of age, no job, no money. He had just 7$ to his name. Continue Reading

Michael Jordan- Success Story


“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” ~ Michael Jordan.

How can I talk about motivation and not mention Michael Jordan? Jordan suffered his first set-back in his sophomore year when he was left out of the varsity basketball team. Reason? He was only 5’9” at that time. His taller classmate Leroy Smith had won the last spot on the team. Continue Reading